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General Topics
1. Cell therapy / Cellular Therapy
2. Hematopoietic stem cells
3. Regenerative medicine
4. Gene Therapy
5. Non-hematopoietic stem cells
6. Stem cell mobilisation and Graft engineering
7. Apheresis stem cell collection and processing
8. Tumor stem cells

Transplant-specific topics
9. Stem cell source
10. Haploidentical transplantation
11. Graft-versus-host disease – preclinical and animal models
12. Graft-versus-host disease – clinical
13. Infectious complications
14. Early complications / Late effects & quality of life
15. Conditioning regimen
16. Minimal residual disease, Tolerance, Chimerism and Immune reconstitution
17. Paediatric issues
18. Experimental stem cell transplantation

Disease-specific topics
19. Acute leukaemia
20. Aplastic anaemia
21. Autoimmune diseases
22. Chronic leukaemia
23. Haemoglobinopathy and Inborn errors of metabolism
24. Lymphoma
25. Multiple myeloma
26. Myelodysplastic Syndromes
27. Solid tumours

Data Management Group
24. Data Management
25. Statistics

Quality Management Group
26. Accreditation
27. Quality management
28. Regulatory issues
29. Sharing best practices

Nurses Group

Abstract submissions for the Nurses Group will not be made under pre-defined topics. The reviewers will determine relevant Topics during the review process

Care-Specific Topics
Care of the carer
Complementary therapies
Donor issues
Ethical issues
Impact of new therapies on patient care
Information and education
Outpatient developments
Palliative care
Patient safety
Psycho-social issues
Protective care
Quality of life
Standards of care
Symptoms management

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